Karyna. it took me 17 years to realize things fall. it's gravity, and it's okay.

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i’m so sorry,

i’m sorry for breaking your heart. i’m sorry for ending things. i’m sorry for making you so unhappy. i’m sorry for everything. i’m sorry that you’re crying and unhappy. i’m sorry that you think i fucked you over or that i cheated on you. i’m sorry that i have to ignore you. i wish this never happened. i love you so fucking much, gabriel and you broke my heart. you manipulated me, you made me feel like shit. i tried to make sacrifices to make you happy, and you would never do the same for me. i know you don’t believe me, but this is for the best. you need to learn to grow the fuck up. just because you’re upset doesn’t mean you should call me and start screaming at me calling me things like a “pathetic cunt” and a “liar” and a “cheater”. telling me that everyone hates me because they think i’m sketchy isn’t okay, either. it just makes you look stupid, baby. i didn’t want things to be like this. i wasn’t trying to “steal your friends”, i was trying to share them. i wanted us to still hangout but you told me you didn’t want too. i want us to still be able to chill and get high and laugh about stupid things like we always have. i want us to be able to be at the same party or over at carley’s and not be super awkward. but now you’re just ruining everything. i really, truly am sorry. there’s a huge hole in my heart now, and i feel empty sometimes. but the way you’ve been acting lately has reminded me why i broke up with you in the first place. you need to change. because you’re right, i will not ever choose you again. you fucked that all up. maybe a long, long time from now, but until then, you need to move on. you need to grow up and learn how to treat somebody. i refuse to be treated like that, i refuse to be constantly yelled at like i’m your child, and not your girlfriend. i’m sorry. i love you so much. 

Jun 12th 2012 · Tags: #personal